Just a Bunch of Tomorrows – Part One


Richard Daybell always tells an amusing story.

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I really don’t know why my mother took me to see Bessie and Cora.  Perhaps she was worried about the future, my future, and the future was Bessie and Cora’s forte.  These two sixty-something ladies shared a bungalow on the upper end of D Street, a bungalow from which they told fortunes, mostly to the young women whose husbands were off trying their best to wind down World War II.

Bessie and Cora were twins as well as fortunetellers.

Although they looked very much alike, they were not identical, which made life much easier for Wilhelm, Cora’s husband, who also shared the bungalow and whose eyesight and mental prowess had been waning since about 1939, so that it was difficult enough for him to identify his wife as it was.

Bessie and Cora each took a slightly different spin on divining the future:  Bessie was an avowed palmist; Cora dabbled…

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My oldest and dearest friend sent me this link to a piece on fall in McSweeney’s with the cryptic message “Some people don’t like fall.” I laughed, I hope you do too. WARNING- quite a few F-bombs in the piece.

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ReThink Pink

Thinking of my friends who’ve survived breast cancer and those who did not. All of them stronger than the pink exploitation. Huffington Post has a thoughtful piece on the mindless consumerism that surrounds a serious disease.

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Fall Yesterday




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Once. Tim reblogged and I pressed it. It’s hard to do but something I aspire to, someday. Well worth the read.

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Bottled Sun


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Tim’s original novel was very good, it’s been through a rigorous rewrite, do yourself a favor and get it FREE at Amazon. We love FREE and we love good story writing!

Originally posted on T. W. Dittmer:

I posted that my novel, The Valley Walker, would be free on Amazon this Monday through Friday.

Well, that’s not correct. It will be free this Tuesday through Saturday.

TUESDAY, September 16th through SATURDAY, September 20th

I just looked at the calendar on Amazon incorrectly. I apologize for the confusion, but I’m a confusing kind of guy. You can throw things at me and call me names, but I probably won’t notice.

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