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Clever Justice

Generally, tolerance is the order of the day. The “right thing”, determined in fairness, is my objective. Regrettably, I am a human riddled with flaws. My unruly secret self designs elaborate plots, diabolical revenges, and spiteful, mean actions. They are subtle, psychologically inspired, creative maneuvers. My preferred … Continue reading


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Neutral Confidential

Other people’s children populate my life. It’s gratifying to have the confidence of someone who is not my child, but is the age a child I could have had would be. They are fascinating people. Kids I’ve known since they … Continue reading

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Negative Numbers

I have been smothering in spreadsheets, seemingly, forever. Gawd hates me, and if that is not entirely accurate then surely my husband does because this is all HIS fault. I know, I know- why would I marry someone who hates me? … Continue reading

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Frantically Mundane

As if the panic of balancing and cross balancing spreadsheets in preparation for tax filing didn’t present enough of a challenge to fully engage me, I took a “short break” to create a blog- two and a half hours later … Continue reading

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