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Whisper Away

My oldest and dearest friend just called me, from the bathroom, at a professional seminar she is attending. She had a presentation exercise so she called me from the bathroom, whispering, to borrow a phrase I had written and lay claim to it … Continue reading

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Smiling Forever

I was introduced to Oakley on a summer afternoon when we took a voyage on a Tahiti ketch, owned by a mutual friend, to an island in the bay. Seeing Oakley smile was like watching the sun rise. His smile … Continue reading

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Gifted Heart

I read a piece in The New York Times regarding gifts. I was happy to note that there are other married people, who do not exchange gifts at the direction of Madison Avenue and Hallmark. I have never cared for the pressure … Continue reading

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Tripping Reality

I went to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia once. It was a weekend trip with a boy when I was 18. I hadn’t thought of that trip for a long time, until the other morning, when I was eating toast. I am … Continue reading

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Island Romance

A young woman I know is eloping to a tropical island that remains a secret destination. She and her intended have an established commitment that spans several years. She has sent me email photographs of her dress and an invitation to her bridal celebration. … Continue reading

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Living Right

Recently, I had a conversation with a childhood friend regarding reproductive choice. My friend is a Christian, promoting the rights of the unborn and I am a godless, pro-choice supporter. My friend is also male. His stance is offensive to me because … Continue reading

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Vintage Dreams

Last night I dreamt of Manistee. More accurately, I dreamt of a place that didn’t look a bit like the Manistee I recall (more like Manistee in The African Queen would have looked) but was Manistee nonetheless. In my dream, I was still married, … Continue reading

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