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Whisper Away

My oldest and dearest friend just called me, from the bathroom, at a professional seminar she is attending. She had a presentation exercise so she called me from the bathroom, whispering, to borrow a phrase I had written and lay claim to it … Continue reading

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Smiling Forever

I was introduced to Oakley on a summer afternoon when we took a voyage on a Tahiti ketch, owned by a mutual friend, to an island in the bay. Seeing Oakley smile was like watching the sun rise. His smile … Continue reading

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Gifted Heart

I read a piece in The New York Times regarding gifts. I was happy to note that there are other married people, who do not exchange gifts at the direction of Madison Avenue and Hallmark. I have never cared for the pressure … Continue reading

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Tripping Reality

I went to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia once. It was a weekend trip with a boy when I was 18. I hadn’t thought of that trip for a long time, until the other morning, when I was eating toast. I am … Continue reading

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Island Romance

A young woman I know is eloping to a tropical island that remains a secret destination. She and her intended have an established commitment that spans several years. She has sent me email photographs of her dress and an invitation to her bridal celebration. … Continue reading


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Living Right

Recently, I had a conversation with a childhood friend regarding reproductive choice. My friend is a Christian, promoting the rights of the unborn and I am a godless, pro-choice supporter. My friend is also male. His stance is offensive to me because … Continue reading

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Vintage Dreams

Last night I dreamt of Manistee. More accurately, I dreamt of a place that didn’t look a bit like the Manistee I recall (more like Manistee in The African Queen would have looked) but was Manistee nonetheless. In my dream, I was still married, … Continue reading

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Times Two

Today is our wedding anniversary. As much as we lament the lack of tradition in the life we share, we are not tradition people. When we married, we went to a JP and a cab driver was our witness. It’s Sunday, my … Continue reading

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People, I grew up with, have begun to die. Sometimes the deaths are shockingly unexpected. In my own little domestic bubble, we have both lost family and friends who were deeply and truly loved. Our parents and grandparents have made their … Continue reading

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