Living Right

Recently, I had a conversation with a childhood friend regarding reproductive choice. My friend is a Christian, promoting the rights of the unborn and I am a godless, pro-choice supporter. My friend is also male. His stance is offensive to me because he views abortion as a  choice of selfish disregard.

I would be less disturbed by the argument if the other side were willing to assume responsibility for the unborn during gestation and after birth, for all of the days of the unborn’s life. If they were willing to step up, checkbook in hand, doors to their homes and lives  flung wide open in welcome, then I may feel differently about their righteous position.

I know a LOT of women who have found their feet up in stirrups while a doctor removed the unborn from their bodies. I do not know of a single one of them who woke up on the morning of the “procedure” feeling happy because- Today is the big day! The day she’d been waiting for, the day she gets to have an abortion!

The necessity for abortion decreases with advances in pharmaceutical chemistry. Women of reproductive age have more choices available to them, means of relieving pregnancy without the invasive, physical trauma of abortion. 

Female human beings who find it necessary to terminate a pregnancy do so because their lives and bodies are not safe places for gestation. There is a period of contemplation involved between the time one suspects one may be pregnant and the confirmation of pregnancy. Regardless of our positions, all of us hope that we’re living right.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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4 Responses to Living Right

  1. Peggy Stevens says:

    You never hear of women who have regret over having an abortion but you hear from PLENTY of women who regret having their children.

  2. You had me at ‘reproductive choice’. Why do the overly religious not want to do any heavy thinking or decision making. Maybe that accounts for how they got that way. Just tell me how to think… I am a busy person…

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