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I’ve been married for one-third of my life. When we have been married twice as long as we are now, I will be married for half of my life. Other than breathing, this is the only continuous endeavor I’ve experienced. I’ve never known anything as … Continue reading


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Roll Not

There will be no more rolling over. To paraphrase a popular expression- I do not roll, at all.  A former mother-in-law (may she rest in peace) told a former husband, in a discussion of my behavior, that if he would “stand for this” … Continue reading

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Subverted Rights

We are living through a fearful time. My mother spoke frequently of the erosion of individual rights, in the U. S., in the years preceding her untimely exit from our lives. My siblings and I sometimes wonder if she died … Continue reading

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Enduring Patience

One of my favorite young people called me yesterday. It was a case of romantic heartbreak with tears and sniffles; then, toward the end of the call, a few soft giggles. The phone call began with this announcement, “I’m sad.” I … Continue reading

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Define Meaning

We thought spring had arrived and with it unlimited happiness. It has been snowing since sometime last night. Most of us are malcontent. I dreamt of the Fleetwood Mac lyrics from Sentimental Lady while I slept, “Cause meaning falls like splinters from … Continue reading

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Measured Perspective

There are adults in this country, and in the community where I live, who have no interest in what is happening here much less what is happening in Japan. I can barely stand to watch news coverage of the natural … Continue reading

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Better Sharing

San Diego was my home for a couple of years. I was lucky to be living just outside Hillcrest, but not quite downtown, close to Balboa Park. My job in the Gaslamp District was within walking distance and I returned … Continue reading

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Einstein’s Idiots

I am sick to death of people and their suffocating neediness today. Once, a whining, witless woman, whom I have no respect at all for, asked me if I found it fulfilling to help people- I replied, pointedly, that it was never … Continue reading

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