Measured Perspective

There are adults in this country, and in the community where I live, who have no interest in what is happening here much less what is happening in Japan. I can barely stand to watch news coverage of the natural disasters in Japan and resultant human suffering. The nuclear reactor meltdown is overwhelming. The Japanese people have been victimized by atomic/nuclear science to an unfathomable degree.

It is sad that news media is compelled to toss alarmist statements to its viewers to increase ratings. One broadcast reported the earth being thrown off its axis, failing to mention the science behind it and the changes that occur regularly causing the earth to wobble a little bit, the Chandler wobble. In fact, there is no measurable data that will show the change in axis of a singular event like the earthquake, which caused the tsunami and devastation to the people of Japan. To my knowledge there is no instrument which will quantify the heartache and sorrow of the Japanese people either.

I didn’t know that the Japanese are subjected to earthquakes frequently. Their relative composure in the face of disaster is admirable. It has been reported that after the earthquake they calmly sought higher ground. They are, apparently, an orderly people. Their cataclysmic tragedy puts our woes in perspective.

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3 Responses to Measured Perspective

  1. They have a long history with quakes, but their religion(s) tend to give them a sort of fatalistic view of life as well. It is very complex.

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