I’ve been married for one-third of my life. When we have been married twice as long as we are now, I will be married for half of my life. Other than breathing, this is the only continuous endeavor I’ve experienced. I’ve never known anything as difficult or as rewarding, which is why I keep at it. I am surprised to discover, every day, that I am no longer the Supreme Ruler of an autocracy. To the contrary, I am harboring a single rebel who doesn’t know the war is over or that he won.

Practically everything in our lives that is not within the immediate realm of “Us” is challenging or distasteful or both. Being self-employed, we rise each day to discuss work over our 4 a.m. coffee. The rebel, who is unaware the war is over, reiterates his objectives ad infinitum. It is torture and is addressed in the Geneva Conventions. Détente is reached through the Restorative Hug which is a condition of surrender meant to establish esprit de corps. We are, after all, allies under attack.

I don’t wish my life away but I look forward, every single day, to the two hours of cease-fire we have in the evening, when it is just us; no work, no problems, just us.


About elroyjones

Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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3 Responses to Cease-Fire

  1. Marriage math, there should be a textbook…
    The rebel who is unaware the war is over… that is freekin awesome. I could do a song about that.

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