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Just Right

My husband and I have a friend who has lost the love of his life. He talked to my husband a little bit about the regret he feels from being loudly demanding. He advised my husband to mend his ways … Continue reading

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Plan B

I can’t be quite certain but I believe I was introduced to the concept of Plan B by a gentleman friend, now a Republican, whom I used to confuse with Bob Dylan. It seems we would have a plan for recreation that may … Continue reading

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Important Knowledge

A woman, who is a close and supportive friend in my professional world, is dying. We have met in person exactly twice; once two or three years ago on a job site after she had recovered from an illness that could … Continue reading

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Selling Science

There are two world-renowned research labs not far from where I live. Sometimes our micro-businesses work for the research scientists in their personal lives. I am rarely jealous of anything so I don’t mind admitting that I am sick with … Continue reading

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Same Difference

In the small town where I live, which isn’t really where I want to live but is where I am, there is a citizen named Larry. He knows who everyone is and anyone, who pays attention, knows who Larry is. He does odd … Continue reading

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Miss Perception

I have a terrible malady. People I encounter live wildly, interesting lives- in my imagination. When reality strikes it can be devastating. I once loved a man, who is now a Republican of all things. The entire time I adored him, I confused … Continue reading

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Peddling Religion

Yesterday, Sunday a purported day of rest, I looked up from my desk and out the window to see two elderly men in jackets and ties, exit a Buick in the driveway, here, high atop Hippy Hill. As I descended … Continue reading

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Field Road

Field Road is not far from the Connecticut River. The river was in a ruinous state when I lived near it, which did not keep me from going there. Kids are mesmerized by animal decay, and the DDT contaminated fish, … Continue reading

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