Selling Science

There are two world-renowned research labs not far from where I live. Sometimes our micro-businesses work for the research scientists in their personal lives. I am rarely jealous of anything so I don’t mind admitting that I am sick with intellectual envy when we encounter them. They interest me, who they are as people is a fascinating curiosity.

Often they are quiet soft-spoken individuals, whose passion is not overwhelmingly overt. I imagine they are balanced persons. They may be uncomfortable with loud displays of unsettling emotion. They are people who are familiar with patterns and process, exacting formulas delivering expected results.

They enjoy talking about their work. I genuinely want to hear what they have to say. Every day they work on something that may reveal another clue to the origin of life. It is slow work requiring disciplined patience. Patience really IS a virtue.

A couple of days ago a scientist told me that grants are slowly receding into nothing and that R & D may eventually be the exclusive domain of corporations. Science is not about shareholders and profit margins. It is about the method of truth in discovery and efficacy in treatment and cure. Corporations will manipulate the truth in scientific discovery to serve the bottom line rather than integrity of any kind.

Science shouldn’t be for sale.

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7 Responses to Selling Science

  1. Stay away from the scientists… they will spray stuff on you to see what happens…

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