Plan B

I can’t be quite certain but I believe I was introduced to the concept of Plan B by a gentleman friend, now a Republican, whom I used to confuse with Bob Dylan. It seems we would have a plan for recreation that may not be working out, and my Dylanesque gentleman friend would say, “On to Plan B!” He had a deep voice and a mustache, so to my inexperienced eyes was a foremost authority on quite a lot.

By its inherent title, Plan B, is more than a contingency. It is an integral part of preparedness. It is, after all, a plan. I am a Plan B believer; that’s what the B stands for, BELIEVER. Anyone can come up with Plan A: success, wealth, celebrity. It takes imagination to develop Plan B. A Plan B person values the adventure of defeating the odds to achieve a distant goal.

Very often an unrealized Plan A is a disguised rescue from boredom until death do us part. Sometimes Plan A is mistaken for destiny and it takes years to finally see what has been spared us. A whole head of hair may end up on furry knuckles or a formerly testosterone infused voice may whine with academic self-absorption….

There are also times when Plan B seems impetuous and reactionary. There is nothing to be gained by remaining static. Bold, decisive action is required lest we become too fearful and give up. Courage in the face of failure is essential. Plan B may not always take us where we hope to go but the trip will be worth the time.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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8 Responses to Plan B

  1. A Republican with a mustache? Now I might have to shave for the first time in 30 something years… or ‘Plan B’, as I like to call it.

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  3. Especially if you get it at a pharmacy… 😉

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