Saving Sense

I attended a religious service over the weekend and was struck, yet again, by what an exclusive, clubby environment organized religion fosters. The service happened to a be a Christian one and the clergyman reiterated that the requirement for salvation is belief that a life was given in order for the rest of us have the opportunity to be saved. Spare me, oh! I guess that’s the whole purpose of it to spare ME….

I am not acquainted with anyone who has the courage or desire to save the life of someone they love by sacrificing their own. I’m sure a lot of people I know would say that they’d be willing to do that but I doubt very much, when push came to shove, that they would have the guts to take something as clean and simple as a bullet, much less drag a cross through the streets, then clamber on it to be tortured to death for a bunch of strangers.

The whole concept is preposterous. It has not escaped me that some of the saved enjoy a life of hypocrisy; routinely breaking most of the commandments, later hiding behind Gawd, where it’s safe- hence the expression, saved!

Healthy people do not want to die. I will be the first to admit that I am not looking forward to the end of the SELF but I do not fear death to such a degree that I will renounce common sense. Beyond that, I cannot imagine anything more tiresome than being exposed to people, I have tried my entire life to avoid, in a heavenly afterlife. I suppose if I am invited I shall have to RSVP my regrets.

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2 Responses to Saving Sense

  1. It is sort of funny that this is the next old post I read, after all the talk about religion that I stirred up with my less-than-well-thought-out post on a higher power, which I never intended to be taken as me finding a god of any sort. This post is awesome.

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