Mindless Life

Earlier this week, a conservative Christian blathered on about the appalling irony and hypocrisy that deeply offended him when pro-choice advocates could not understand the absence of due process in the bin Laden assassination by the United States, which blatantly ignored the sovereignty of another nation. He compared the assassination to abortion, suggesting that an innocent, defenseless baby should be afforded due process as well. To my recollection, due process was addressed in the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade.

Another conservative Christian presented the rationale that if the non-living had no rights, wills of the deceased would not be honored. Presumably the deceased were once viable and experienced cognitive brain function as well as “being of sound mind”.  While brain and mind are interdependent, human beings do not develop subjective emotional awareness until sometime after birth. The brain is necessary for a sence of self that defines the mind. Without subjective awareness human beings are reduced to a collection of cells and tissue.

The conservative Christians have focused on a very narrow segment of the total group of people in opposition to assassination and disregard for due process as well as sovereignty as defined by the United Nations. The issue is law and due process. The legality of abortion in the United States was settled in 1973.



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One Response to Mindless Life

  1. Oh, those silly conservative Christians, how they do carry on…
    Don’t mind me… just reading through…

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