Oddly Proper

Peter was a parody of a man. He grew up in Papua, New Guinea. His parents were post WWII expatriots from the U.K. His favorite word was proper; as in “the proper way of doing things.” The Higgins character on Magnum PI must have been modeled after a nicer, funnier Peter. He was one of my housemates and, as innocent and naive as I was, he did not entirely approve of me.

He had a former wife, who was ebony colored and seductively, tall. She reminded me of a long stretch of warm taffy. Her name was Juanita. She would sometimes call him to request additional support funds so Peter would participate in a stilted, proper argument over her spending habits. The marriage was intolerable to him because she was willful. I think he loved her even after the divorce.

He was very rigid; although as I recall, he did allow himself some of the base pleasures of a more common man.  He entertained an Asian woman overnight. I was awake and about, earlier than Peter, in the morning. His female guest woke up and joined me in the living room so I made breakfast for us. After she left, Peter lectured me on hospitality. It wasn’t proper to make breakfast for a prostitute.

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  1. I find myself wanting to meet this Peter guy.

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