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Eluding Fate

“This is just what I do while I’m awake so it doesn’t really matter.” That’s what I said to one of the salesmen we purchase supplies from. We laughed. He jokingly told me he ought to take a quaalude when … Continue reading

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Oppression Waits

There is so little I understand and so much that defies my understanding. I sampled the menu at a local Asian restaurant that re-opened in a new location after months of back-breaking renovation. The owners are congenial and amused by … Continue reading

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Golden Days

I promised myself that I would not exploit my family on this blog, that I’d save them for the fiction pieces I submit to print journals. There is nothing better than being part of a large family, never without a … Continue reading

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Stealth Reader

Occasionally, my pieces are published. Sometimes, I am affected by current events to such a degree that I am forced to air my opinions in a public venue; typically, our local award-winning newspaper. My husband, until recently, was not a reader … Continue reading

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