Eluding Fate

“This is just what I do while I’m awake so it doesn’t really matter.” That’s what I said to one of the salesmen we purchase supplies from. We laughed. He jokingly told me he ought to take a quaalude when he got home. Do they even make quaaludes now?

They were infrequently present during my misspent youth. I had an upstairs neighbor who was into EST and ’ludes; enlightenment through sleeping. Drugs are dangerous and youth is fun. Sometimes drugs and youth are paired. I do not recall my youth through a drug filter. Admittedly, some periods were distorted by the booze filter, or in some instances completely obliterated, but that doesn’t make me a bad girl.

I had a friend who was a 1% biker. He had a tattoo of a heart (it was BIG) on the end of his penis. I did not have a physically intimate relationship with him but we were friends. When I stopped in to visit him he said, “I got a new tattoo, man” (in the same manner I would have mentioned a new pair of earrings) and he whipped it out and showed it to me. He was romantically involved with one of my friends that summer. I had a broken heart caused by a long distance relationship weakened by reciprocal infidelities and post-coital recriminations. When I told my biker friend I was sad, he dosed me with a few long neck beers and one of his dog’s thorazines. I went directly to sleep.

Later on, in boot camp, I met a disturbed young woman who would not respond to or interact calmly with anyone other than me. I was elected to keep her company until the command could decide how to discharge her. In a coincidental twist of fate, they dosed her with quaaludes and thorazine.


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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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2 Responses to Eluding Fate

  1. What is a 1 percent biker? I would have loved to see that tat, for curiosity reasons alone!

    p.s. EST and ‘ludes, LOL!!!

    • elroyjones says:

      A 1% biker is the real badass kind, e.g. Hell’s Angels. He was a conflicted person, kind and caring but way over the edge. His brother killed him in a barroom brawl, and is serving a life sentence. I’ve been lucky to meet some interesting, unconventional people. The tat was on the head of the penis, it hurt to see it! Like the gun the robbery victim sees, it looked HUGE!

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