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Happy Serendipity

Fairfield County, Connecticut is very pleasant. Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan and Rowayton are exceptionally enticing. Everything is clean and lovely. As with La Jolla CA and Portsmouth NH, the police probably keep undesirables at a safe distance by utilizing the … Continue reading


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Special Dress

A simple, classic, pale yellow, summer dress was hanging in my closet. It hadn’t been worn more than 5 or 6 times and I hated to think of it hanging there, pretty, in the dark. I thought of a dear … Continue reading

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The Poors

My best-loved friends know all about The Poors. Regaling my women friends, laughing until we can’t breathe, is perhaps not the kindest way to treat The Poors but frankly they are laughable. In chronological order they are: Poor Bill, Poor … Continue reading

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Practical Wow

One of my business friends is married to the lawyer, who represents our business interests. There isn’t a whole lot to it really, drafting documents and sending invoices for what would seem like large amounts if I didn’t realize that … Continue reading

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Working Insaniac

It’s getting to be that time again, time for me to get out of here. QUICK, before there is a premeditated bludgeoning! Men define themselves through two arenas, sex and work. Sex is the primary source of identity for them so … Continue reading

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Union Break Time


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Save the Fight

The people of this country have been successfully pitted against one another to protect their own share of the crumbs that fall from the table of plenty, feeding the privileged and greedy. My blood pressure rises to dangerous heights when … Continue reading

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Convicts & Convalescents

I read a blog that is hugely entertaining, I noticed that her blog has a bold appeal for readers as well as for likes. This blog has a sporadic readership. I am embedded deep in the Internet Undercover Protection Program so … Continue reading

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Dummy Sex

I have heard it all. I can die now because I’ve discovered MORE than I need to know. There is a book titled “Sex for Dummies”. Dummies may not know how to do much but it’s always been my understanding … Continue reading

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Forgiveness Policy

We are very busy, working hard and arguing very little. Forgiveness is a key element in the marital corporation. We have an established micro business, as well as a start-up that is just over 18 months old. For the record, I … Continue reading

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