Practical Wow

One of my business friends is married to the lawyer, who represents our business interests. There isn’t a whole lot to it really, drafting documents and sending invoices for what would seem like large amounts if I didn’t realize that the bread & butter for the office staff, commercial mortgage payments, insurance for errors and omissions, as well as the vast array of online services they must subscribe to weren’t part of the overhead required to protect our picayune concerns. That’s neither here nor there. My friend is pretty level-headed, she is a mother to 6 sons so practicality is a prerequisite.

She told me this story; coming from her, you know it’s a remarkable thing. She had an appointment at a medical office for routine maintenance that did not require THE DOCTOR. The assistant, who met with her, confided an unusual experience. The assistant was at a crossroads in her life: divorced, kids grown, exploring some previously unthought of areas.

Her older cousin had been slipping in and out of her thoughts with extraordinary frequency. He was her hero, the BIG kid to her little kid. He was smart, considerate, sweet and funny. He was a 17 year-old, graduated senior with a full boat scholarship and she was 13 the last time she saw him. That was nearly 40 years ago. He and his buddies were working hard and partying that last youthful summer before they struck out for the big, broad world.

One perfectly clear, star-spangled, summer night, they played a game of chicken on a quarter-mile stretch. Two guys in the back seat of each oncoming car would sit on the edge of the door through the open back window and one kid would pass the other a bottle of tequila, while the drivers swerved in to manage the exchange. They found her cousin’s body several yards from the impact. She worried for four decades that his suffering had been horrible.

She went to see a medium because she had the time and “Why not?” Her cousin spoke through the medium to tell her that he hadn’t suffered, that the angels had gotten him out of his body before he could know pain. He told her that this time in her life was her time, that she should not settle. He told her to be patient, something good would happen but she had to wait for wow.

Months elapsed and she began to see someone romantically, someone she wanted to take a chance on but she didn’t quite dare. They reached a point in their acquaintance when a sleepover seemed unsettling but reasonable. She rushed to work, late, the next morning.

When she got home from work she listened to her messages. There was only one that mattered; it was concise, “Wow!”

I believe in science, truly I do. I don’t need to believe in messages from the great beyond for reassurance that the SELF goes on. I don’t care if the SELF ends because (as I have said before) if the SELF goes on, others will be going on too and I’ll have to spend another eternity avoiding them.

I believe this story.

I believe it because I’ve had similar experiences. Maybe, if something happens after this, only the people we really-really loved here, will be there. Perhaps, we’ll be sheltered from those people who were loved by the people we loved, but we didn’t care all that much for, and we won’t have to contend with them at all. I think I’ll make a list… and hire a bouncer. Oh! and get the velvet rope!

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