Good Crazy

There are subjects that my husband belabors, beating the dead horse to death or so it seems. He does not fear the good fight and would rather die than accept injustice in any guise. He does not lie down for anyone, ever.

He doesn’t keep his thoughts to himself either, ever. Nope, those thoughts are given birth right out through his mouth as words, sentences, and arguments as extensive as the tax code. He confronts inequity head-on, eyes wide open in disbelief, ready to defend fairness at any cost.

I can only think with my mouth shut. I have to internalize the challenge before I can rally a defense. It worries me that individuals will be forced to accept outrageous injury because we lack the power to protect ourselves. My husband, not so much. He is fearless and tenacious. Today he told me that an egregious unfairness (perpetrated by the insurance industry; surprise, surprise) is likely to be resolved to the satisfaction of the insured.

All of that contention resulted in triumph because he refused to give up and lie down. You know, he makes me crazy but it’s good crazy.


About elroyjones

Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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