Soft-serve Harleys

We went fishing on Saturday. Drove a couple of hours NE to a lake that is nearly 7,000 acres and full of rocks. I love rocks in a lake. They provide good structure for fishing and are an impediment to fast boat rides. The lake was calm and the water was warm. Loons were calling out, geese were flying overhead; on the way in we saw a yearling deer in the middle of the road. It was lovely.

On the way home from fishing, we stopped at a clam shack. We always get supper from a dairy barn or a clam shack on our way back from fishing, it’s part of the fun. While we were eating, 7 or 8 Harleys drove in. Most of them were brand spanking new, produced within a couple of years. The riders were wearing freshly laundered and pressed Harley clothing and accessories. They dismounted and removed their helmets to reveal neat, grey, businessman haircuts. Our windows were rolled down, making me guilty of innocent and inadvertent eavesdropping. They ordered soft-serve ice cream cones. My husband and I looked at each other. He knew what I was thinking.

I’m not young anymore. I’ve always looked like a schoolteacher. People are generally shocked, and somewhat relieved, if they hear me drop a thermo-nuclear F bomb. I understand that stereotypes are unfair, that a person’s exterior doesn’t always match the interior. However, it disturbs the natural order of the universe when businessmen ride their Harleys in packs to order soft-serve ice cream cones.

James McMurtry captured my feelings in Hurricane Party: “some insurance man-biker is yellin’ out for one more beer, but a part time pirate just can’t get much respect around here.” © 2008 James McMurtry


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2 Responses to Soft-serve Harleys

  1. Mike Wilson says:

    Too funny. It makes sense though–have you priced a Harley lately. Even if you look rough, you have to make some serious money!

    • elroyjones says:

      HD did a great job revitalizing the brand to appeal to Boomers. The thing that amazes me is how fast the time has gone. My brother rebuilt a Norton in our basement when we were kids and went on to rebuild several Harleys; he’s a schoolteacher in his late 40s now, a far cry from where he was back in the day! We often work with a business owner who has had several Harleys; when I discussed this post with him we laughed at how irrelevant and uncool we’ve all become….

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