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Discovering Alfredo

I made Alfredo sauce the other night. It tasted pretty good. Despite our sturdy cookware and delightful garlic press, it didn’t taste nearly as wonderful as it used to when I first started making it. Back in the dark ages, … Continue reading

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Lifeless Mind

Oh my freakin’ head! Okay, I made a mistake. Oops, I meant another mistake. I have a FB page complete with alias, being deeply embedded in the internet undercover protection program requires dedication. I get a lot of political junk email, … Continue reading

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Tomorrow Yesterday

My husband took me to the fair yesterday. I have wanted to go to this particular fair since 1989 and I finally made it this year. Each year there is a new screenprint design by a local artist. I like … Continue reading

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Death Penalty

It pains me to know that we have not evolved past the need for the death penalty. My heart hurts for Troy Davis, because there was no conclusive physical evidence in his conviction, as much as it hurts for James … Continue reading

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You Who?

Solitary is not sad. I need to be alone, in my own good company, to do as I please at my pace, every so often. It has always been so. It can be a source of conflict in romantic relationships. It … Continue reading

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Marginalized Working Class

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Happy Elements

Serious illness and incapacitation in the golden years seem to have one common trait, elimination, simplifying life to its basic elements. It was my great pleasure to visit with an older gentleman who has been hospitalized by a serious malady. … Continue reading

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Like That

Yesterday, I was told by an immature and inexperienced person, “You don’t say things like that.” Hmmm. Well Buckwheat, YOU may not say things like that. I say whatever I damn well please. I’ve lived past the time of having … Continue reading

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Questions & Answers

Growing up without paternal influence, in a time of social upheaval, allowed for an array of misconceptions and unfounded assumptions.  My impression of the adult world was a daydream. Contrary to my own familial experience, I thought adults (grown men … Continue reading


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Shining Star

Dennis did not waste his turn. He was a man’s man, which made him a woman’s man by default. He was a hunter and a skeet shooter. Dennis was more than that, he was an outdoorsman in every sense of … Continue reading

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