Like That

Yesterday, I was told by an immature and inexperienced person, “You don’t say things like that.” Hmmm. Well Buckwheat, YOU may not say things like that. I say whatever I damn well please.

I’ve lived past the time of having to earn the right to speak. I’ve paid my own damn dues and dues for a few others as well. I own my mistakes, every damn one of them. I am not pretending to be someone better than me. I have nothing but disdain for people who won’t step UP. Yeah, the air is a little thin up here on the high road.

Generally, I’m easy going, live and let live, go with the flow. It takes a LOT for me to express anger. Yesterday, I released my temper after nearly two decades of muzzled frustration. I came out with both barrels loaded for bear. Bring it. NOW. The last time I was that angry my sweet, little niece was in the hospital making her way, slowly, out of our lives. I was forced to correct some egregiously selfish behavior then and I nearly jumped out of my shoes in rage.

There is no room for liars or hypocrites here. I live the best way I know how, so I don’t have to lie. I will not pretend things are copacetic when they are so obviously NOT. Yesterday, I was on a humanitarian mission to free the indentured and correct a little revisionist history. I say things like that.


About elroyjones

Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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