Death Penalty

It pains me to know that we have not evolved past the need for the death penalty. My heart hurts for Troy Davis, because there was no conclusive physical evidence in his conviction, as much as it hurts for James Byrd, Jr., who was tortured and mutilated to death in one of the most violent hate crimes in history. I do not mourn Russell Brewer’s passing even a little bit.

During the publicity, prior to Karla Faye Tucker’s execution, I was charmed by her personality and her very feminine appearance. Her death row conversion to Christianity seemed, to me, to be the only hope for psychological escape from the horror of the crime she committed. I was sad that she made unforgivable choices.

I don’t believe that I would find comfort in the execution of another human being, no matter the circumstances. Death is final. No amount of vengeance or retribution will return the dead to the living; conversely, if an innocent person is put to death no amount of regret or remorse will bring him back.

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