Tomorrow Yesterday

My husband took me to the fair yesterday. I have wanted to go to this particular fair since 1989 and I finally made it this year. Each year there is a new screenprint design by a local artist. I like this year’s the best of all that I have seen. I don’t think I would have been in such a lather to go on a year when the design didn’t appeal to me.

The Common Ground Country Fair is an organic agricultural fair. There is a lot to eat and plenty to observe, or gawk at as the case may be. We ate first, one needs energy to wander around looking all day. My husband finished before me. I had a bite or two of a samosa left to eat but since it was readily portable and I wanted to see things, we wandered off.

I wasn’t aware of where we were in relation to one another, chewing and gawking demanding all of my attention. When I looked up he was GONE. I couldn’t see him anywhere so I called to him in discernible panic. He was there just at the edge of my field of vision. He’d stopped to wait for me when he realized I wasn’t there. He saw me scanning the crowd just before I called to him and he said I looked “horrified”.

We had so much fun. In my heart I am an old hippy wannabe. I love the fair atmosphere. I watched young men in dreadlocks with tattoos and piercings, tan young women in scarf hem skirts and rubber Wellington boots (a pragmatic fashion choice for an overcast rainy day), and lots of kids everywhere. We saw some people we know and noticed things we hadn’t seen before.

On the way home we talked about those few seconds of horrified panic I had when we became separated. It scared us both because we saw what tomorrow could look like if the day comes when one of us is without the other. In our shared private life we try to enjoy all of our todays.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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