Lifeless Mind

Oh my freakin’ head! Okay, I made a mistake. Oops, I meant another mistake. I have a FB page complete with alias, being deeply embedded in the internet undercover protection program requires dedication.

I get a lot of political junk email, everyone wants a signature on a petition, or a donation. I suspect they prefer the donation and maybe even get a commission on it, who knows? Anyhow, I was dismayed over the Troy Davis execution, due to the lack of physical evidence, so when I got an Amnesty International petition I signed it and put a link on the FB page. BAD IDEA.

There is a conservative Christian who creeps my page just waiting for something he (It’s usually a he, isn’t it?) can compare to abortion and the immorality of Murder in the Womb. I can just barely stand it. Apparently, those of us who would like to see some physical evidence before the execution better sign on with the Pro-Life crowd, right now, elsewise we’re just a bunch of hypocrites-and wanton fornicators without personal standards.

First, the FB page is MY house, don’t come to my house dishing it out if you don’t want to take it right back. Secondly, I don’t creep the net looking to promote my agenda so don’t come to me spoiling for a fight. I’m prone to snarkiness. Finally, abortion is practically passé (as I pointed out to the Christian creeper) with  advances in pharmaceutical chemistry- the morning after pill and RU486.

I have female friends who are opposed to abortion; they wouldn’t do it and they believe it is morally wrong for THEM. I don’t know a single woman, not one, regardless of her faith or lack of faith, who presumes to make that judgment for another woman. Incidentally, the larger percentage of them are mothers. Women who know other women who have suffered an abortion generally feel one emotion, empathy. You can’t begin to imagine how it frosts me to have a man tell me abortion is wrong.

Roe v. Wade protecting a woman’s right to choose since 1973.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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2 Responses to Lifeless Mind

  1. webby2440 says:

    I have never understood how this country’s male political figures (mostly Republican) can take a stand as to whether or not there should or shouldn’t be abortions – to me they should be available to any woman that wants one – its a personal decision for a woman and I am sure a very tough decision at that !

    • elroyjones says:

      I really appreciate your point of view. I would appreciate it even if it did not align with my own. One of the reasons I follow the Webner blog is to see where my positions fit with the rest of the country. I find myself mentioning your blog in conversations- “I follow a blog by an Ohio family and today I read…” Thanks for visiting!

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