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Coins Tossed

There will be two citizen initiatives, on gambling, up for vote on November 8th in Maine. I am not a gambler. Casinos do not appeal to my finer sensitivities. Monopolies appeal to my finer sensitivities even less. Bickering and whining … Continue reading

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Turkey Taunt

The turkeys rampage through the neighborhood toward the beginning of November. They retreat just before Thanksgiving; to return, crashing through the woods, in the spring.   

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Sunday Snow

A lonesome picnic table in an unusual October snow storm.  

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Missing Daddy’s

Daddy’s Junky Music is closing stores after 39 years. This morning’s newscast reported “unspecified legal issues”. I don’t recall ever crossing the threshold to Daddy’s but I was amused and happy to know it was there. I liked the name, … Continue reading

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Debilitating Culinary Lethargy

There is nothing to eat. Creativity and inspiration have fled, along with alert taste buds. I don’t want to shop for groceries because there is nothing at the market or the health food store that appeals to me. I can’t … Continue reading

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Open Marriage

Last night, my sister called to have a discussion with me. My husband, who is a clever opinionated buttinsky, interrupted our conversation a few times to voice opinions contrary to my own indisputable beliefs. As you can understand, it was … Continue reading

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