Graceful Good Manners

Today, I am inspired by another blogger’s incredible grace. I like to follow political tags to see what the rest of the country is thinking. In my ewanderings, I’ve discovered points of view that are more conservative than my own but still intelligent and compelling.

Unfortunately, not all of us can remain polite in disagreement. There are those of us who are insulting and rude without considering anything beyond our own positions on an issue. I was disturbed to read a personal attack in the blogosphere, a comment that is vitriolic and unkind. I wanted to jump right in but thought better of it because the blog is not mine.

After a couple of hours, I checked back on the comments thinking I couldn’t let it slide. I was delighted and humbled to see the following response to the rude comment, “I appreciate your willingness to share your perspective and your views.” That rude comment deserved something along the lines of, “Learn to read for content, you miserable wench, and shut your pie hole until you do!”

I have a lot to learn.


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2 Responses to Graceful Good Manners

  1. webnerbob says:

    Actually, Elroy, I would say that you are the teacher, rather than the student. I admire your willingness to entertain opposing viewpoints. Would that more people were so receptive to alternative perspectives!

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