Missing Daddy’s

Daddy’s Junky Music is closing stores after 39 years. This morning’s newscast reported “unspecified legal issues”. I don’t recall ever crossing the threshold to Daddy’s but I was amused and happy to know it was there. I liked the name, which gave fuel to my imaginings that it was owned by an old hippy, who made a living on his love of music.

I’m sorry to see Daddy isn’t doing so well. It seems Daddy had some cash flow issues and a financing company has repossessed store inventory (http://www.fosters.com). I’m sure Daddy suffered many sleepless nights before the other shoe dropped. He’s probably just sick to his stomach knowing it is this close to the holidays and his staff will be without employment in a terrible economy.

Daddy was brought down by what amounts to non-compliance, the plague of business owners everywhere. Non-compliance typically results in astronomical legal fees and can lead to complicated tax issues. The absolute worst aspect of non-compliance is having to endure time spent with bureaucrats, who are frequently the epitome of every negative stereotype portrayed about them, intellectually challenged minions who believe the myth of their own importance.

I’m sorry to see Daddy go. I can well imagine his suffering in what is likely an ongoing torturous process that will alter his perception of himself.  Daddy’s will not be remembered for “unspecified legal issues”. Daddy’s will be remembered as a cool place that contributed to the communities it served, a place that provided employment for high school kids with musical aspirations, and free services to its patrons. Daddy’s will be missed.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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