Coins Tossed

There will be two citizen initiatives, on gambling, up for vote on November 8th in Maine. I am not a gambler. Casinos do not appeal to my finer sensitivities. Monopolies appeal to my finer sensitivities even less. Bickering and whining offend all of my sensitivities.

I’ve been on the fence regarding the gambling initiatives. The most recent barrage of advertising from an established casino has influenced my vote in diametric opposition to its intent. The commercial features casino employees whining about the possibility that competition, in the free market, will put them out of a job.

Casino monopolies staffed by whiners need competition. They especially need competition from our American Indian citizens, who have been railroaded nearly into extinction by government interference. I don’t subscribe to the argument that casinos will exploit the poor and naive. The poor and naive may also be exploited by a host of other regulated evils, liquor and oxycontin come immediately to mind.

On November 8th I will vote to level the playing field. Gambling should be permitted in those municipalities where the residents have voted in favor of it. High minded individuals and low brow corporations should tend to business in their own backyards.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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