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White or Wrong

Ginger White has done the right thing. She’s come forward to tell the public that Herman Cain is a LIAR. A man who lies to his family will not have any qualms about lying to his country. He’s a scurrilous … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Barney

Barney Frank is smart and concise, some might say rude. None of us have time to waste on people who clutter the air with extraneous words. I respect Frank’s ability to cut to the chase. I admire his talent for … Continue reading

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Candidate Confidential

The Republicans are not serious. They don’t want to win because they don’t have any plausible solutions to the financial nightmare created, under W’s tutelage, while they were in control. It’s the only explanation I can find for the selection … Continue reading


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Action Counts

According to The Daily Beast, Maine leads the nation as the most politically active state. Statistics collected from the U. S. Census Bureau contributed to the determination I like to vote. I don’t believe my vote matters but I … Continue reading

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Fabulous Fiction

Please, give yourself a gift, read this fiction writer. Expression is art.

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Thanksgiving Debriefing

The sound yesterday, on a pre-dinner excursion. As long as we’ve been married, I’ve prepared Thanksgiving dinner. Historically, we’ve had guests but this year it was just us. Oddly, there was no giblet in this year’s turkey. Usually, my husband … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks For Our Political Leaders

Giving Thanks For Our Political Leaders. I just read this eloquent political satire and enjoyed it so much I had to share it.  

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A Plow to Swear By

We have a new snow plow. It’s red and it begins with a B. Beyond that, I don’t know much about it. Not from a lack of information, I assure you. I have heard about The Plow for a looooooong … Continue reading

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Thanking Vets

Justin Crowley-Smilek was an Army Ranger. He was a handsome young man, who was loved by a lot of people. He suffered from PTSD. He was shot to death Saturday morning by a police officer. Where was the pepper spray? … Continue reading

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60s Redux

It’s beginning to look a lot like- the sixties, everywhere you go…

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