Charlatans Supreme

Hang onto your hats and cover your backsides. The US Supreme Court has taken on the task of hearing arguments in the matter of the individual mandate (purchase health insurance or receive a fine), included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. If the Court’s recent decisions, on the Fourth Amendment and Corporate Personhood, are any indication of its view of the rights of the individual, we are doomed.

I am a proponent of healthcare reform. In fact, I endorse universal healthcare. There is absolutely no reason, other than profit margins for the thieving elite, that the United States shouldn’t implement the parts of universal healthcare that work well for the rest of the world  into a plan of its own. The Finns are very satisfied by the plan they have and even the Thai’s universal plan has survived political chaos and a coup d′état.

If the Court rules in favor of the individual mandate, there will be no end to potential consumer tyranny imposed on us by the Congress of Charlatans.


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