Action Counts

According to The Daily Beast, Maine leads the nation as the most politically active state. Statistics collected from the U. S. Census Bureau contributed to the determination I like to vote. I don’t believe my vote matters but I continue to participate. I’m a pathological optimist; plus, I want to hedge my bets in case it really does count. Beyond that, I like to bitch about the increasing incompetence of government and I wouldn’t feel quite so self-righteous if I didn’t participate.

The data collected from the census is an interesting basis for determining the most politically active state too. I’d like to know the collection method. The last time around, I was a census resistor, one of those contrary citizens who refused to answer questions. The first census taker, to venture up here on Hippy Hill, was a “retired Coast Guardsman” he announced quite proudly as I thought to myself “BFD, did you get a Nobel for that?” I told him politely that I refused to answer any questions as a demonstration of my discontent as a citizen. That stumpy, little man threatened me with a bureaucratic fate worse than death as he assured me other people would contact me, “BFD” I thought to myself.

I know the census is supposed to be a tool for determining which states and communities receive federal assistance but with continuing revelations of government corruption I had a healthy cynicism. Another person did come up the Hill. She liked my window boxes. She wasn’t retired from anything. She was out of work. The temporary job provided her with a paycheck so she could eat. Together, we found a way to satisfy the census without compromising my convictions.

The people in Maine have strong opinions and they’re ferociously independent. Gay marriage would be legal here if external interests hadn’t contaminated the process. Oddly, Maine is 2/3 blue but Gov. Paul LePage is a Republican. The Democrats couldn’t put anyone worthy up and the ticket was split by Independents so LePage slid in with 38.1% of the vote.

We’re gearing up for another contentious election cycle. I’m relieved to know that people here are active, just in case it counts.

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