Candidate Confidential

The Republicans are not serious. They don’t want to win because they don’t have any plausible solutions to the financial nightmare created, under W’s tutelage, while they were in control. It’s the only explanation I can find for the selection of candidates they’ve offered up to the voters.

Michele Bachman is a driveling, non-threat in presidential politics as well as an embarrassment to my gender.
Mitt Romney can’t get out of the way of his own ego nor does he seem to have the testicular fortitude to choose a position and defend it.
Jon Huntsman has political and diplomatic experience but he opposes a woman’s right to choose. The patriarchal structure of his heritage will likely be a matter of deep concern for women voters.
Rick Perry has had a terrible time expressing himself. He appears to be on Bath Salts, which he may very well be. In Hunter Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72” most of the candidates took speed for increased stamina on the campaign stump. Poor Ed Muskie became a raving lunatic on the stuff. The drug element offers another criteria to judge a candidate- I want someone who can handle prescription drugs at least as well as so many in the general populace do. Buddy Roemer– the name says it all. We can’t have a president called Buddy, it just isn’t done.
Rick Santorum is too conservative. People fear for their civil liberties, maybe not enough to do anything but the fear is still there. There is also the consideration that he lost his Senate seat to a Democratic challenger so it’s not likely that he would be able to defeat a Democratic incumbent.
Gary Johnson is a man for the times, which is exactly why he won’t be taken seriously. He favors legalizing marijuana (saving billions on TWAD and incarceration), he opposed the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, supports women’s rights and would make the immigration process easier. He’s fairly liberal on social issues and he left the State of New Mexico with a budget surplus. He’ll never be nominated so don’t waste your time hoping.
Ron Paul has taken Ralph Nader’s place as the perennial candidate, a man for every election. He’s a smart, little guy with some good ideas but he can’t close the deal. He looks plain silly when he’s all fired up.

Newton & Herman– Apparently, they’ve inspired women but neither of them will inspire the voter. The POTUS has to keep secrets; these two have proven quite masterfully that they can’t. Speaking strictly as a woman, there is absolutely nothing, well waterboarding maybe, that would convince me to have any sort of intimate encounter with either Newtie or Hermie. As I’ve said before, there is not enough  money in the world. If a gun was held to my head, I’d rather take the bullet than the projectile of love.

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1 Response to Candidate Confidential

  1. Peggy says:

    Very well done. I now know all I really ever need to know. Bravo.

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