Private Thoughts

When I was a little kid, angry at the unfairness imposed on me by the adults, I found solace in knowing that the grown-ups didn’t know what I was thinking. My rebellious thoughts were mine. In that one small way, nobody was the boss of me!

Law enforcement employees cannot have non-conforming thoughts. Regardless of contrary experience, they must believe that decriminalizing marijuana is a bad idea, that spending gobs of money the taxpayer can’t afford in a futile endeavor that puts harmless people in jail for disproportionate amounts of time is a good idea. If they harbor secret opposing thoughts they are well advised to keep those thoughts secret or lose their jobs. Another area not open to debate is the problem of undocumented immigrants. Empathy for the immigrants is detrimental to job security.

I’ve held a number of positions where my personal views conflicted with my job description. My private beliefs did not prohibit me from performing effectively. Who better to question policy or law than those in the field implementing or enforcing them? Individuals should be able to speak freely, as private citizens, without fear of persecution.

The War Against Drugs is stimulating the economy. Private penal institutions are flourishing. The Thought Police are alive and well.


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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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2 Responses to Private Thoughts

  1. Doug says:

    Private prison systems, what could go wrong.
    Yep, who better to publicly question policy than a player in the profession…but it seldom happens and will become less so as power, like money, bunches up.

  2. elroyjones says:

    It is a healthy democracy that questions authority; this one is critically ill.

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