Sick Maine

In the Great State of Maine, government is getting rid of all the slackers by reducing Medicaid coverage with the hope they’ll do the decent thing and DIE.

DHHS’s Mary Mayhew and Gov. LePage are introducing the supplemental budget to the media to illustrate the best way to keep the poor from taking advantage of Medicaid with their unplanned and uncovered illnesses. The sick may still be treated in the ER, which by federal mandate cannot refuse patients.

The most jarring statistic- Maine’s Medicaid enrollment has grown by 78% since 2002 while the population has increased by only 7%. Go figure! There are no jobs here, micro businesses must comply with the same regulations as multi-national corporations without the federal subsidies.

Maine- closed for the working class poor.


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2 Responses to Sick Maine

  1. Doug says:

    I’m old and angry and tired, but don’t post angry which is my latest chicken shit. I’m way too polite.
    Maine’s Medicaid numbers, you site, suggest we should Occupy our fear. I have reasons for pulling my punches, and shadow box the bull shit of Rich rule. But enough is enough.

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