Raise Hell

Now is the time. We cannot live in fear of government; we ARE government. Act, call, write, email, stop paying taxes, do something. I am old so I’ve witnessed quite a lot, this is OUTRAGEOUS. It trumps Christmas!



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2 Responses to Raise Hell

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Raise hell, indeed. I’m not voting ’em all out on this issue — it’s too complex to explain — but I had a pleasant (on my side) conversation with my congressman’s office this morning. I told them he needs to vote to extend the unemployment benefits, and keep the government going NOW. I was cheerfully informed that the congressman had vote to do that last week. Of course, that was on a different bill, and that was before he lost his spine and voted to kill the compromise bill the Senate sent.

    Pissing on my cake and taking it, too. He claims to be voting to support us, while he does the opposite. I told the guy to stop the double talk and quit voting for gridlock. What a weasel.

    Of course, he’s a Republican.

    • elroyjones says:

      It is discouraging and disillusioning to see that the system is so corrupt. Term limits would curtail a lot of the corruption. The problem is they fancy themselves the elected elite, superior to the minions. They’re a bunch of prostitutes, rolling over for corporate interests to the detriment of the individual taxpayer. Thanks for stopping in.

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