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Born Honest

Frontline aired this piece on Brooksley Born’s proposal for regulating the derivative markets a while ago. It is relevant today. Advertisements

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People Power

Below are informational links outlining some of the ways individuals in these United States are victimized by behemouth entities and industries. Corporations are not people. Entities should not be allowed to buy elections and indenture the people in this country … Continue reading

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The Inoculatory Pre-Golf Personal Information Exchange

The Inoculatory Pre-Golf Personal Information Exchange. A hilarious view of the male perspective. The contributors to the webnerhouse blog are a wide range of family members, including Penny the dog, who is very even tempered and impartial.

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Where? What?

We coexist in about 1100 square feet, which to my husband, seems as vast and mysterious as the Enchanted Forest. No matter where he’s been (to the bird feeder, perhaps?) or how long he’s been gone (7 minutes to the … Continue reading

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Wasted Letter

I’ve been hearing stories about you. Since I don’t gossip, by the time any news reaches me it is almost certainly a fact. The other thing that comes into play here is, I moved out of that clearinghouse for society’s … Continue reading

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Griswold Kin

I have the privilege of a casual acquaintance with a thoughtful, intelligent man, who is a kind, considerate human being in both private and professional arenas. He demonstrates abiding love of wife, kids and assorted animals. His extended family is … Continue reading

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Ruling Supreme

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the people, protecting the 4th Amendment. The decision was unanimous requiring law enforcement to demonstrate probable cause and obtain a search warrant prior to long term electronic surveillance via GPS. Last year the … Continue reading

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