Wasted Letter

I’ve been hearing stories about you. Since I don’t gossip, by the time any news reaches me it is almost certainly a fact. The other thing that comes into play here is, I moved out of that clearinghouse for society’s downtrodden years ago, which does delay scandal’s arrival. Sorry if I’m late to the party.

Frankly, hiding in the closet to shoot up lacks the imagination I would have expected from you. Your parents were world travelers but you have confined your dreams to a closet shooting gallery. Pathetic.

I get it. It’s a transparent temper tantrum to hurt your father, who is the only one you have left. Parents get divorced every day, doesn’t have a thing to do with the love they have for their kids. Your mother always said your father was a good dad. In fact, she was sometimes envious of the time he spent taking you skiing and sailing while she paired socks from the laundry basket. She told me once she was sick of doing laundry. I didn’t blame her.

You miss your mother. I’m glad she missed this. She was so proud of you. Both of your parents expressed love and pride in you. You weren’t forced to be the kid whose parents did not participate, you never had to look into the bleachers to see nobody watching.

Your punk behavior isn’t going to get you anywhere you’d like to go. Prison is the best option or you can fall in to the line of addicts before you and have an early dramatic death. That charming toothy grin you inherited will go. Strong white teeth don’t last long when you’re shooting up. This might scare you, sex is a pleasure you’ll soon forget.

It doesn’t matter to me what you do or how you do it. I’ve had my share of drug induced tragedy, dead brother, dead nephew, dead friends… really the most fun for the long term has been the brother who didn’t die and remains paralyzed, just lying in bed lying to himself.

Here’s something else you can look forward to if you don’t quit- One of your generation may die through no fault of their own, they’ll have to give up their turn, leaving a productive life and a loving family behind. When that happens, people will look at you, someone may actually give voice to it, they’ll be wondering “Why does my friend/ spouse/sibling have to die, why can’t it be that waste instead?” They’ll be right. You’re a waste. You’re wasting your turn.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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4 Responses to Wasted Letter

  1. gkinnard says:

    Dark, sad . . . hate to see a waste of life—a waste of potential.

    • elroyjones says:

      Hi George, I’ve known this family most of my life. Both parents loved the child. The child, who is a spoiled young adult, is just destroying the turn given to him/her. It is frustrating to be aware of. As we both know there are people in the world who would make good use of that turn. I am opposed to the cop-out of addiction. Friends, family, and community don’t deserve to be taken down that path.

  2. Wow. I hope s/he reads this. That last paragraph might just do the trick.

    • elroyjones says:

      Me too, Darla. I’m not kidding myself about the power of my words. I’ve been down this road a few times. The change begins with the addict. My brother, who died, was very forthright in his addiction. Basically, he sheltered us and said, “This is who I am because I want to be this person. I won’t trouble you with it so please don’t lecture me in self-righteousness.” I respected that. All of the others have been lying, whiners who refused to take responsibility for their choices. I hope this adult baby comes to his/her senses before it’s too late. Smart, funny, charming, attractive- just a shame.

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