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Dollar Diddly

Fed Chairman Bernanke caused a surge in the dollar’s value, more from what he did not say than what he did. Gold and silver fell in value. In reading his prepared remarks, the content doesn’t reveal anything new or … Continue reading

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Youth Falters

As a young adult, I moved to the west bank in New Orleans Algiers neighborhood.  The city buses had advertisements for Bum Phillips’ Saints. I thought Bum Phillips was a cult preacher and the Saints were like Moonies. It took … Continue reading

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Old Jules

Revealing information on MSG, the links to childhood obesity and adult high blood pressure. Afterthoughts on the MSG post, or Hang’em From the Lamp Posts.

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Ruthless Geriatrics

In the past couple of weeks I’ve contracted and been cured of at least three life threatening illnesses. The miraculous recoveries usually occur overnight. Just last night, I was snuggled under the comforter and flannel sheets wondering how I would … Continue reading

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Single Sally

My sister, a woman of a certain age, was lamenting her single status today. She expressed disinterest in the energy depleting task of repeating her basic history, yet again, to a prospective companion. I made a helpful suggestion, “Have him … Continue reading

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Selective Memory

I am an auxiliary parent. It’s not a role that has produced recent joy. It is a responsibility. My husband has two sons from a previous marriage. I was not part of the demise of that marriage so I am … Continue reading

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Birthday Bangle

My first sterling silver bangle came to me as a gift from my oldest and dearest friend. We were teenagers. I loved that silver bangle because it made me feel more like her. I wouldn’t have thought to wear a … Continue reading

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