Single Sally

My sister, a woman of a certain age, was lamenting her single status today. She expressed disinterest in the energy depleting task of repeating her basic history, yet again, to a prospective companion. I made a helpful suggestion, “Have him call me, I’ll fill in the necessary details and save you the time!” It could be so much FUN. Necessary details are, after all, highly subjective. My not quite elderly sister responded in this fashion, “Oh, NICE. Better yet, I’ll just hand out resumés with references!” We laughed hysterically.

I get where she’s coming from. She deserves credit because she’s actually considering making the effort. I wouldn’t be bothered. It isn’t only a matter of interviewing casts of thousands with the hope of an affiliation that is more than ephemeral. It’s the sales pitch, there is no dignity in marketing the self. At this stage of the game why should she have to? The self speaks for itself as it were.

Disasters are waiting to happen. Who knows what the descendants will be like or the lateral family members either; is one expected to fraternize with them? One has one’s own family, that is truly MORE than enough.

How many new habits is one expected to accommodate? Shoes off at the door or traipsing all through the nice clean house? Milk straight from the carton or from a civilized glass? Temperatures too chilly, warm and sticky, or just right? How does one get HIV/STD records authenticated?

It’s a conundrum. The desire to commune with another versus the risk of a ghastly outcome. Chin up Dear Heart, sally forth among the undeserving masses to find what hidden treasure life has passed by for you to discover.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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7 Responses to Single Sally

  1. “The desire to commune with another versus the risk of a ghastly outcome.” Yep. It’s that possibility that keeps me from taking any chances….yet. I may sally forth myself at some point, but for now I’m okay with the status quo. I do admire your sister for her willingness and wish her All the Best. Or one Very Best among them. 🙂

    • elroyjones says:

      I’ve been wondering where you were Teresa, haven’t seen you on Old Jules in forever. When I try to leave a comment on your blog, it doesn’t take.

      My sister is funny, and she’s a trooper to even bother sallying forth, like you I hope it works out.

      • Hey, I have that problem with commenting on you blog. I can’t get it to open or something. Anyway, I had a great comment for this blog, but now I can’t make it because it won’t accept it. Work on that and I’ll try not to forget it. HF

      • elroyjones says:

        Nice to hear from you HF, wish you could remember what you were going to comment.

  2. Hanslr says:

    Luv the pic, Elroy!

    • elroyjones says:

      Dame Edna is a lively old girl, an inspiration to us all.

      My sister complained to me this morning that I blog about everyone but her so I fixed THAT. When I called to read this to her we could barely contain ourselves. Dame Edna was the jewel in the crown.

  3. Peggy says:

    Yes, good for her for even considering it. Honestly, just working up a profile is exhausting. The whole process is fraught with anxiety. I would start having resentment just dealing with e-mails let alone having to MEET. Nope, not for me either. I’ve lost what small bit of capacity I may have once had to even consider compromising or accommodating. But, I truly admire those who do sally forth. Not envy, but admire.

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