Moonlight Dancing

A friend, from my wayward past, died on this day 3 years ago. He’d been sick for a long while. He was stubborn, not leaving until he was damn good and ready. Today, I am one year older than he was when he died.

Our friends give us gifts we don’t even know we want. He confirmed the change in me.


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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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6 Responses to Moonlight Dancing

  1. Happy Birthday. It is interesting how we receive gifts from such circumstances. I hope you have a fine day.

  2. gkinnard says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. For me, when I’m informed of a loss from my past, sometimes it’s a very odd feeling to be the one that survived. (Does that make sense?)

    King Harvest! OMG! What a fun, good-times, laid-back song you chose to pair with your words! I love it!

    • elroyjones says:

      I think of my friend often and on my birthday which oddly coincides with his untimely departure. I was a wild child in my youth and he was often critical BUT he was generous in his approval when I settled down. Like you, I wonder how I managed to scrape through rather than others. We were so lucky when we were young we had fun and it was laid back.

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