Sanity’s Return

Businesses from coast to coast are filled with trepidation. Micro business is particularly impacted. Sinking dollar value with less purchasing power is freezing budgets everywhere. Our suppliers are at a standstill, ordering product from manufacturers only as orders are placed. All of us are working even harder than we were before to remain viable and keep our employees working so they can continue to eat.

Our employees have been out of work for a month. Unemployment pays only a percentage of the earnings an employee grosses. The business has made loans to make employee mortgage and rent payments. We are dogged by worry. As a Texan micro business owner told me yesterday, “We don’t have any choices. There’s no work out there and we care about the people who work with us. It’s our duty to help them.” What he left unsaid was there is nowhere for them to go, no help left to get. Businesses are closing so quickly you can practically hear the doors slamming up and down Desperation Boulevard.

I believe that the screeching halt caused by a devalued dollar and the greed of oil company management/share holders is a deliberate tactic meant to derail Obama’s re-election. If we hang tight and hold on, helping one another the best we can, some sanity will return after November. Obama has played the hand he was dealt, restoring some dignity to the White House and empathy for the American people.

Today, November seems like a long time from now.


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5 Responses to Sanity’s Return

  1. Peggy says:

    I heard an interview today with a man who said that he lost his job, then his unemployment ran out and today he is going to look into food stamps. He said this was all new territory for him. Can you even imagine? Can any of us? And, Gingrich was calling Obama the Food Stamp President. Whose fault is that?

  2. judithatwood says:

    I’m taking up your challenge — I hope a lot of people can band together on this.

    • elroyjones says:

      It really is a matter of strength in numbers and spreading the word. When I know someone is having a tough time, I let other people know so kindness will accumulate. Very happy to hear from you, Judy.

  3. gkinnard says:

    I’m sorry things are tough for you guys! Although I’m no doubt in a very different industry, believe me: I understand!

    I thoroughly agree that “Obama has played the hand he was dealt.” I’d add that he sure didn’t get a hell of a lot of help from those who should have helped him—a whole lot of fellow Dems left him out there on his own. It’s going to get very ugly before November, but I do believe that Obama will win and the next four years will show vast improvement.

    • elroyjones says:

      The Dems should admit when they’re not part of the solution they ARE the problem. I strongly support term limits as a way to keep the system honest. I think Obama will win for a lot of reasons, chief among them GOP doesn’t have a viable candidate and they have successfully enraged the entire female voting population with the non-issue of reproductive rights.

      Things are a bit slack right now but it could be a LOT worse.

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