Pandora Basketball

No, this is not an exaggeration. I LOVE Pandora Radio and my Bose headphones. It’s NCAA playoffs or whatever the correct terminology is. There’s a bunch of brackets, 64 I think, basketball from now to infinity. It grates on a person’s nerves to have to be quiet for a GAME, and not just one game either but multiple freakin’ games for days on end. A commercial comes on and the fingers on the remote are spastic to get to another channel for a different game. I feel confident there was no mention of a hoop fetish before we got married. I was paying attention; innocently, imagining my future. I didn’t even own a TV. I was tricked.

It is an obvious CONSPIRACY.

Earlier, I was quietly looking around, choosing which of the marital possessions would be coming with me to my new home. Don’t even kid yourself, all the good stuff is coming with me. My husband chose to buy fishing rods with his money. I bought housewares with mine. He can have the TV and the stereo (he did buy those but I’ll be getting myself a new Bose Wave system), the couch and coffee table (he bought those), he can have the bed (okay, he bought that too) and his dresser (a gift from me). Oh yeah, he can have the anodized cookware (he bought it) I’ll be taking the stainless steel; I bought that and (surprise, surprise) we like it better! He can have the flatware too. I chose the pattern but he paid for it, he’ll be crying in his cornflakes wishing he’d gotten his sorry ass into a Roundball Recovery Program instead of ignoring me for an entire MONTH.

Yeah, so I was mentally divvying the linens when I remembered… I have headphones! Voila! Marital harmony is restored. He’s down there all goo-goo-googly eyed over basketball and I’m up here listening to my most recent favorite Pandora station REM radio- REM, Coldplay, Modern English, Pearl Jam, Sting, Social Distortion, U2. By the end of the month I’ll need hearing aids.

Go Buckeyes.


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8 Responses to Pandora Basketball

  1. John says:

    Bose headphones… I’m jealous.

    Having a bit of space to get away is always important. Julian likes to watch tv more than I do, so I give him the tv, and you can find me in my office with my computer or a book, and the music turned up!

    Glad you’re not moving out 🙂

  2. Yes, be careful with the volume. High levels of music and be damaging with headphones and earbuds. If somone standing beside you can hear the music, then you may have the volume turned too high. This is a real problem with our teen population. Greg

  3. gkinnard says:

    I’m with The Ugly Moose (which is a very odd-sounding thing to say): basketwhat? Much to the joy of my wife, I care absolutely nothing for 99.9% of all sports. I’m glad the headphones have saved your marriage!

  4. Peggy says:

    This post goes nicely with Darla’s about the young blind woman. I’ve often thought if I had to choose between hearing and seeing, I would always choose seeing because hearing can be so awful. I hate, hate, hate noise, especially traffic noise. I revel in quiet. A tv alone sends me over the edge, let alone one that plays bb all day every day. I noticed the last time I went to the movie theater that it was so LOUD. I can’t remember it being that LOUD. Sometimes in the middle of the night I just lay there listening to nothing. It’s bliss.

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