Dandelion Jam (Working Title), Part 1 darsba.wordpress.com

Darla is a gentle, optimistic writer. I love this series and am hoping she will continue on and turn it into a novel.

Short Story: Dandelion Jam (Working Title), Part 1.


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3 Responses to Dandelion Jam (Working Title), Part 1 darsba.wordpress.com

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  2. OK — Not only will you be listed in the book acknowledgments, but when the movie adaptation wins the Oscar, be listening for your name. Seriously, I want to thank you for introducing my work to others. My work hours will be shorter for the next two weeks due to Spring Break, so I’ll have more time than usual to work on DJ. The character I want to focus on next is Digger. Mysterious and tragic, and I must find out why. First, though, I have to plan out the novel — not as much fun as writing through a scene, but necessary. In the middle of all this, I have an idea for a short-short story about a plumber. Really.

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