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Tomorrow’s participation in a flash blog

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Attention young and aspiring writers! A COMMUNITY FOR WRITERS.

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For Better GENiUS

The Common Sense Party: The Nutella Law.

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Exceptional Irreverence

Go ahead, read and laugh.

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Survival Sale

My sister told me I wouldn’t want to sell my possessions to survive. I’ve read O. Henry. I know what happens when you start selling things off; you end up with a watch fob and no watch, and a hair … Continue reading

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National security/totalitarianism is rearing its ugly head everywhere you look. If you look. Many Americans are not looking. In the past couple of weeks strip searches and cavity searches on those detained have been upheld by the Supreme Court, drones are hovering … Continue reading


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Romney’s Reality

Governor Romney needs help. Today he suggested that recent college grads take risks and even borrow money from their parents to improve their own fortunes He must be living in the parallel universe where we aren’t experiencing a global depression. … Continue reading

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Not yet

My husband is fishing. I am working. There is no inequity in this picture. We don’t have the luxury of a set schedule. Opportunity must be seized when it presents itself. I am practically manic with joy on my husband’s behalf. … Continue reading

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(Not) Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes

Brought to you via – (Not) Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes.

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Bradley Manning UCMJ Court Martial

Bradley Manning is facing court martial under the UCMJ. I am of conflicting opinions in the matter. I believe, strongly, that one serves one’s country in joining the armed forces- “Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and … Continue reading

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