Character Sketch II

Childhood                                                                                                                                           A cluster of kids are crying. An older girl comforts a little one whose sobs are ragged.  The little girl thinks, “I want my mommy. When is my mommy coming home? When I grow up I’ll never leave my kids alone.”

Later                                                                                                                                                    A woman starts to crawl into the back of a hearse. Her sisters tug her gently out. Her eyes are swollen and bloodshot with tears. Sorrow comes at her in unrelenting punches. She cries, “My son, my son. I want my son. I love MY son.”


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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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2 Responses to Character Sketch II

  1. brickwallviews says:

    These snapshots read, to me, like entire stories in miniature. They skirt the line between poetry and prose and come out as an impressive hybrid.

    The way I read this, the little girl and the woman are the same person, and I found myself intrigued as to the many possibilities of what could have happened in the gap between these. I’d love to see how other people read / responded to this piece.

    Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed this. Read it about 10 minutes ago; still staring, thinking…

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