Character Sketch VI

Before                                                                                                                                                He moves the ball down the field with controlling confidence. The crowd loves him. He wins the game with a tie breaking goal. His leprechaun grin is euphoric.

Too Late                                                                                                                          Accelerating through the curve, his nostrils burn a satisfying chemical burn. His brown eyes are nearly black with piggy euphoria. The pole comes way too fast. His head cracks the windshield. He’s done moving.


About elroyjones

Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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11 Responses to Character Sketch VI

  1. judithatwood says:

    I wish we had a Love choice next to the Like!

  2. gkinnard says:

    EVERY one of these sketches was intense. I fear that some are drawn from personal experience. If I’m correct, I hope this hasn’t been too hard on you—the process of putting these thoughts (or memories) into words.

    Whether intense, dramatic, observational commentary, or humor, you are one hell of a writer!

    • elroyjones says:

      Experience is a gift. The people I love have been visited by devastating losses. I have been uncommonly lucky in avoiding my own epic tragedies. I have one last character sketch to post and you’ll see the force behind my resilience.

      George, writing is such a pleasure for me. I cannot express the selfish gratification I get from it. It’s like morphine and chocolate mixed together. I was in the hospital once and I had morphine, it was most relaxing so I can only imagine that chocolate would make it better!

  3. Seriously. They need something better than LIKE for work like this series of character sketches. You pack so much power into a few sentences. I’m taking notes, Teach!

  4. elroyjones says:

    Darla, you are such a peach! Write what you love; read it out loud, if you enjoy the writing you can trust it. That’s all I know.

  5. Doug says:

    Not only are these prose/poem …flash fiction pieces well done… writings in this form may sweep the mobile web.

  6. zachbissett says:

    very visceral sketches, words with movement, good stuff.

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