National security/totalitarianism is rearing its ugly head everywhere you look. If you look. Many Americans are not looking. In the past couple of weeks strip searches and cavity searches on those detained have been upheld by the Supreme Court, drones are hovering in the friendly skies within the borders of the U.S.A. and new legislation has passed the House and will likely pass the Senate, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and “Protection” Act.

CISPA allows for broad interpretations of what defines a threat to national security and permits monitoring of free speech in the cyber world.

We are losing individual liberties at an alarming rate. The generation behind mine can’t recall a time, as adults, when they were free to roam between Canada and Mexico without documentation. They have never known a country where innocence is presumed, where law enforcement had to prove probable cause, where protection from illegal search and seizure was a citizen’s right, where habeas corpus kept the promise of a speedy trial, where prisons were not independently managed as profit generating industries, where troublesome individuals were not whisked off to Syria under an all expense paid extraordinary rendition.

CISPA passage can be prevented in this election year. Contact your senators, contact the White House, apply some pressure. We have a patriotic duty to ourselves and to our descendants.

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