Romney’s Reality

Governor Romney needs help. Today he suggested that recent college grads take risks and even borrow money from their parents to improve their own fortunes

He must be living in the parallel universe where we aren’t experiencing a global depression. According to Free Money Finance the average American family has $3,800.00 in savings. I can’t imagine that too many parents would, or could, fund an offspring’s business venture with a home equity loan. A lot of them are tapped out from borrowing against inflated, imaginary, real estate values preceding the economic meltdown.

A quick recap for the Governor- derivatives, mortgages without verification of employment/earnings, foreclosures, smoke and mirrors. Any of it sound familiar?

With all due respect to my generation’s successors- Should we encourage their continuing dependance on us?

I’m worried that Governor Romney is unfit for the highest office in the land. He seems to experience frequent psychotic episodes.

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8 Responses to Romney’s Reality

  1. List of X says:

    I think Mitt Romney is so deeply convinced that he represents an average American, that he is under impression that every American family is making about $20 million every year from investments and carried interest. And the reason he “is not concerned about the very poor” is because those poor should just be able to sell some of their stocks and bonds.

  2. hanslr says:

    I agree, so completely with your last paragraph about Romney’s unfitness for the highest office in the land……BUT what are the alternatives? I am fearful about another four years with President Obama.

    • elroyjones says:

      I am at a loss too. My hope is that he will be more effective in a second term.

      I had to agree with a (horrors!) Fox News commentator who said Obama should have spent less time on health care and more time on job creation. I am of the opinion that the
      health care initiative had something to do with a political deal hammered out to satisfy Hillary Clinton.

  3. John says:

    I’m disappointed with Obama’s first term, though, I can’t fault him for all of it. We, The People, had something to do with it, by electing a bunch of crazy, obstructionist GOPers to the House or Reps, and they have allowed nothing to pass. So, part of the solution is not just who we elect as the next POTUS, but, also, who we elect to the House and Senate.

    But, back on point, I think Romney is about as unfit to be POTUS as Sarah Palin is.

  4. gkinnard says:

    Romney’s under the impression (wonder why) that all kids have parents who are millionaires and billionaires and have all sorts of money to set them up in business. He just doesn’t live in the same world as most of us.

    I’m fine with Obama. I’ll be more than happy to vote for him again! No, not everything has gone according to plan, but look at who he’s had to work with—on both sides! The Dems who should have had his back have acted like the Keystone Cops, especially during healthcare reform. And the other side has sat there like a bunch of pouting babies covering their eyes and pretending Obama doesn’t exist if they can’t see him.

    Yes, the economy could be better—and it will be in time. We didn’t bounce right back from the Great Depression and this crap that “W” got us into was the next best thing to a total collapse.

    The Obamas have handled their time in the White House with poise, grace, and decorum. They’ve had to take verbal crap that no decent person who loves their country should have to. Even folks that don’t like him can’t legitimately point to a single time when he has looked like a complete idiot or that he has done something shameful. (Anyone remember Bush?)

    Anyway, back to Romney. Just think about the fact that he IS the best and the brightest of what the GOP has. He must be: he’s been vetted by the herd and the majority has made their choice—he’s the man!

    Lord, I just want to turn cartwheels I’m so excited!

    • elroyjones says:

      George, you make me laugh! I think our cartwheel days are over, just sayin’.
      Yes, we should be excited that Romney is the best the GOP can do. I am looking forward to the debates, Obama will decimate Romney.
      You are absolutely correct that the Obama’s have restored dignity to the White House. We have an added bonus in that the first couple is obviously in love.
      I worry that the Romney machine will get the vote out in the fall… .

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