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Rich People

I live in an area that is the seasonal home to affluence. Families with money- cold, hard cash out the wazoo- have had tasteful cottages here for generations. We are among the working class that provides services to those people. … Continue reading

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Yesterday was horrible. Something was wrong with people almost everywhere. I had business phone calls from criers, tear bursts that had to be relieved- “It’s okay, this is not the worst thing that’s ever happened. We’ll address the problem incrementally … Continue reading


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Blog Search Terms: stupid, scary, sane and sick

I laughed out loud and tears ran down my cheeks. Blog Search Terms: stupid, scary, sane and sick.

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Oh, Yay, Another Ramble On Tolerance………

Oh, Yay, Another Ramble On Tolerance……….

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About YOU

We are different, you and I. We don’t foster the same opinions and beliefs; yet, something unites us. We keep coming back to grin over triumphs and happiness, offer support and unsolicited advice for worries, and to marvel at the … Continue reading

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Subjective Proof

An ambulance came and scraped me off the pavement, where I’d landed after my flight was interrupted when my head hit the guardrail, after being ejected from a vehicle traveling 60 mph. A body in motion remains in motion unless … Continue reading

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War Produces Heros…

War Produces Heros….

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Bill Moyers

Last night, I watched Moyers & Company. The program featured an interview with Doug Liman and Larry Siems who have collaborated on Reckoning with Torture, an informative piece of investigative journalism, shedding credible light on the inhumane methods used at GITMO … Continue reading

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Nice & Peaceful

We didn’t work yesterday. The sunrise was promising. We were pleased to discover the return of the luna moth when we went outside. Until we moved to Hippy Hill, I’d never seen one. I read Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer the … Continue reading

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Keep The U.N. Away From The Internet

Keep The U.N. Away From The Internet.

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