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Rich People

I live in an area that is the seasonal home to affluence. Families with money- cold, hard cash out the wazoo- have had tasteful cottages here for generations. We are among the working class that provides services to those people. … Continue reading

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Yesterday was horrible. Something was wrong with people almost everywhere. I had business phone calls from criers, tear bursts that had to be relieved- “It’s okay, this is not the worst thing that’s ever happened. We’ll address the problem incrementally … Continue reading

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Blog Search Terms: stupid, scary, sane and sick

I laughed out loud and tears ran down my cheeks. Blog Search Terms: stupid, scary, sane and sick.

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Oh, Yay, Another Ramble On Tolerance………

Oh, Yay, Another Ramble On Tolerance……….

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About YOU

We are different, you and I. We don’t foster the same opinions and beliefs; yet, something unites us. We keep coming back to grin over triumphs and happiness, offer support and unsolicited advice for worries, and to marvel at the … Continue reading

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Subjective Proof

An ambulance came and scraped me off the pavement, where I’d landed after my flight was interrupted when my head hit the guardrail, after being ejected from a vehicle traveling 60 mph. A body in motion remains in motion unless … Continue reading

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War Produces Heros…

War Produces Heros….

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