Presidential Bully

We’ve all behaved in ways we shouldn’t have at one time or another. Time does change people through growth and personal evolution.

I’ve encountered a certain personality type that does not grow or evolve in any meaningful way. My sad suspicion is that Mitt Romney is that sort of pompous, elitist person.

Governor Romney led a group, who bullied a young man, when he was an 18 year old student at the Cranbrook School

Governor Romney has offered a broad public apology in reaction to the negative exposure the story has generated. Romney terrorized another young man at the Cranbrook School solely because his appearance was different.

If he is so threatened by superficial differences, how will he ever lead a country metaphorically referred to as a melting pot?


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3 Responses to Presidential Bully

  1. gkinnard says:

    This is the cream of the GOP crop . . . the best . . . the brightest. Boy does he stand in stark contrast this week!

  2. Peggy says:

    I liked this comment at the bottom of the article:

    Mitt appears to have been paying far too much attention to how boys in his school looked. Straight boys at that age usually do not care how other boys look, but spend all their time thinking about girls. Mitt even took it to the next level, by deciding to get a pair of scissors, bring them to school, and spruce up the hair of the boy he was infatuated with.

    Mitt would have fit right in on that TV show; Queer Eye For The Straight Guys.

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